Racing to Rio


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Racing to Rio is far more than the journey of a few elite athletes striving for world records, gold medals and personal bests. Racing to Rio is the story of transformation from individuals overcoming personal challenges to become world-class sailors and heroes who inspire others to face their challenges and live life to the fullest through the sport of sailing.

This is the story of Paralympic sailor Brad Kendell on his path to Rio de Janeiro 2016 as he passes through his hometown of Clearwater, Florida and the wave of people involved in supporting him and the sport, and in doing so inspiring thousands to find healing, confidence and fulfillment through sailing.

The film will emphasize, support, and celebrate the sailing community of Pinellas County, featuring:

  • Clearwater Paralympic sailor, Brad Kendell and his Never Say Never Pirate Camp
  • Jen French, St. Petersburg Paralympic Medalist, and her Warrior Sailing Program
  • The Clearwater Community Sailing Center – one of three designated Olympic and Paralympic sailing training centers in the US and home to Camp Awesome

Encompassed in the film are the people who have influenced and trained these athletic heroes and community role models, and the next generation who are inspired to follow in their paths, by interviewing and filming the community programs and aspiring athletes they produce. The film will also include other Paralympic & Olympic athletes as they pass through & train in Clearwater on their road to Rio.

The Racing to Rio Movie recognizes, explores, and highlights the Clearwater/Saint Petersburg Area as an Olympic & Paralympic training ground, and focuses on the important role it plays in the lives of so many people of all abilities and the impact it has locally, nationally and internationally.

Racing to Rio is literally about Brad Kendell and other Paralympic hopefuls challenges to get to the Paralympics in Rio 2016, but also serves on a larger scale as a metaphor for all people who face challenges and how they can take on life to win their own “races” by being the best they can be. Racing to Rio the Movie will aid in fundraising for Brad Kendell and several of the amazing programs featured within, but perhaps more importantly will leave a visual marker of the incredible legacy of Paralympic Sailing as a competitive world sport. These athletes, coaches and leaders have a greater vision not only to compete, but to inspire others who face physical, mental and emotional challenges to dream, live and achieve their highest potential in both sports and life.

Open to qualifying Paralympic sail teams from around the world on September 7, 2016, the sailing venue in Rio de Janeiro will be the first Summer Games ever held in South America and the last Summer Games to feature Paralympic Sailing.

We need your help in bringing this story to the forefront. In the coming weeks we will present you with multiple ways to participate in our heroes’ journey. The current budget for this film is $450,000, and a portion of film budget will be donated to sponsor the causes associated with this film.

Please donate early and often. All donations to the Barbaro-Gould Foundation are tax deductible.

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