Barbaro-Gould raising funds for Artist Don Gillespie’s “Cloning Neptune” Project

Cloning Neptune

The Barbaro-Gould Foundation is proud to collaborate with Artist, Don Gillespie, on his upcoming creative project, “Cloning Neptune.” The purpose of this project is to recreate the legendary maritime painting, “At the Mercy of Neptune,” and return it to its original home, Oswego, New York, while educating the public on the great marine painters of the Great Lakes Region during the 19th century.

For many years Don was a concept artist for the space program, painting the future of space travel and interstellar exploration. Recently, he became intrigued with the great marine painters of the 1800s, the artists of exploration in their day. In particular, he is drawn to the painters that were born in Oswego, New York, who were nationally recognized artists for their work. Many who now live in Oswego are unaware of the talent that this area produced in the late 19th century, artists such as James G. Tyler and Charles H. Grant. Don desires to inspire others by recognizing and celebrating these kindred spirits.

Don is embarking on an ambitious project this summer in Oswego, where he will recreate a full-scale replica of Charles Henry Grant’s seminal work, “At the Mercy of Neptune.” This 9ft by 5ft marine painting has been lost to the depths of time, but through rare photos and other related works, he will use the techniques of both Mr. Grant and his instructor, the famous Dutch-American master marine painter, Mauritz Frederick Hendrik de Haas to reconstruct this masterpiece.

The H. Lee White Marine Museum has agreed to allow Don to paint the reproduction in residence at their facility. The finished painting will be donated and Oswego will be its permanent home. In conjunction with this ambitious project, Don will give presentations about these artists to interested groups. He also intends to arrange an art show of marine pieces by local and student artists.

Art is an essential ingredient to a healthy community and is a strong economic driver. This project will encourage all ages to express their creativity, while educating through truly inspiring historical figures from Oswego County. The Barbaro-Gould Foundation, a not for profit 501(c)(3), whose mission is to facilitate the global exchange of culture through art, is assisting on this project. All donations through Barbaro-Gould are tax deductible.

Bronze: $50.00 donation
• A project poster personally signed by the artist
• A thank you letter with a short project description
• A ticket to the grand opening event in Oswego

Silver: $100.00 donation
• 9 x 12 signed limited addition art print on high quality paper of the recreated “At the Mercy of Neptune”
• A certificate of authenticity
• A thank you letter with a short project description
• Two tickets to the grand opening event in Oswego

Gold: $500.00 donation
• 11 x 14 signed giclée print on canvas of the recreated “At the Mercy of Neptune”
• A certificate of authenticity
• A thank you letter with a short project description
• Two VIP tickets to the grand opening event in Oswego, including a question and answer session with the artist

Platnum: $1000.00 donation
• 11 x 14 signed enhanced giclée print on canvas of the recreated “At the Mercy of Neptune”
• A certificate of authenticity
• A thank you letter with a short project description
• Eight VIP tickets to the grand opening event in Oswego, including a question and answer session with the artist

Donations can be made to: (online)

The Barbaro-Gould Foundation, Inc. (through mail)
1211 Hamlet Avenue, Studio D
Clearwater, FL 33756 (through Artist’s site)
Cloning Neptune Flyer

Enhancing the Barbaro-Gould Art Center

We recently added some exciting features to our center in preparation for our upcoming events. We now have an additional 36′ of temporary wall space in order to accommodate more art during showings.

Also added was a screening area for films and presentations. Visit the gallery by appointment and check the calendar for events, activities, classes, and public gallery hours.


Art Jam is a great way to connect with artists

Once a month, Barbaro-Gould Foundation is holding Art Jam at the Clearwater Studio.  Artists bring a project they would like to work on and work side by side other artists.

On a nice day we throw open the large garage door, allowing beautiful light. Artists have the opportunity to network, ask advicimagee, and socialize with other artists.

Artists are known to show up with snacks or beer to share. Last week we had an acoustic guitar player jam while we created; otherwise we play tunes via the radio.



The next Art Jam is scheduled for May 13th and subsequent Art Jam dates can be found on the calendar on this website.

Art Jam is held at 1211 Hamlet Avenue, Suite D, Clearwater, FL 33756

Barbaro-Gould Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not for profit for the arts. Art Jam is free, but donations are always welcome. To donate to Barbaro-Gould, you can click on the “Donate” button on our website, by mail, or by bringing a donation in person.

Hope to see you Jammin!



Artist Painted Piano Delivered to Barbaro-Gould Center

The Barbaro-Gould Foundation purchased a piano in an effort to support local artists and public art in the community.  The piano is available for public Barbaro-Gould events, music lessons, and for public playing during your art center visit.

piano delivery Originally a project of Pianos in Pinellas through the Clearwater Art Alliance, the piano was painted by local Tampa artist, Don Gillespie.

Please feel free to contact the Barbaro-Gould Foundation at or 813-602-ART2 for viewing hours or piano lessons.

Exposed Elements Artist photograph published

Exposed Elements Artist, Jennifer Barbaro, had her photograph of Buffalo Tiger, published in The Naples Daily News this month.

William Buffalo Tiger (Heenehatche; March 6, 1920 – January 6, 2015) was a political leader of the tribal nation based in the Everglades area of Florida. He served as the first elected tribal chairman from 1962 to 1985, and before that was head of the General Council from 1957 and a chief. His activism led to political organization of the Miccosukee and their gaining federal recognition in 1962 as an independent Native American tribe. They wrote a constitution to govern their people.

In 1959 Buffalo Tiger led a delegation to Cuba and secured formal diplomatic recognition from the government of Fidel Castro of the Miccosukee. In 1962 the US Government recognized the tribe. Under his leadership, the tribe in 1971 was the first to take over responsibility to operate its social and educational programs. Buffalo Tiger and the tribe have used their sovereignty to preserve their culture and traditions in their homeland.

With historian Harry A. Kersey, he wrote an autobiography, Buffalo Tiger: A Life in the Everglades (2008). Since the late 1980s, he has run an airboat tour company in the Florida Everglades. Buffalo Tiger passed away January 6th of this year.

Information Sourced From Wikipedia []

Exposed Elements Artist and Barbaro-Gould Foundation Member interviewed by Fox 13 for Conceptual Drawings of Space

Exposed Elements Artist and Barbaro-Gould Foundation Member, Don Gillespie, was interviewed today in The Barbaro-Gould Foundation Gallery by Bryan Gray of Tampa’s Fox 13 news for his Conceptual Drawings of Space. Don, a former conceptual artist for Honeywell created a concept painting, 23 years ago, of a new heavy lift launch vehicle to take us to Mars. Back then, it was just a nameless dream. After all this time, the test flight actually happened on December 4th, 2014!

Don says, “It’s great to see this stuff literally going from the drawing board to reality. I hope Orion’s test flight goes well. I remember when working on this, one of the big concerns with these large solid fuel boosters was, ‘Slumping.’ That is when the solid fuel material sags and blocks the thrust exiting the back of the rocket, resulting in a catastrophic failure. Space flight is a risky Biz, God Speed Orion!”

Please view Don’s interview in Tampa Bay on Fox 13 on this Thursday, December 11th, 2014 during the six o’clock news hour or view his story online at



Exposed Elements Artist Junior Polo interviewed by Bryan Gray at Fox 13

Exposed Elements Artist Junior Polo was interviewed for his creative work and community contribution by Bryan Gray at Fox 13 in Tampa. Junior painted a 3D jazz themed piano for Pianos in PinellasJBarbaro_20141205_DSC6621-2

JBarbaro_20141205_DSC6683-Edit-2 that is part of a project to bring public music and art to Clearwater, FL through the Clearwater Arts Alliance. Exposed Elements Artist, Don Gillespie, and Barbaro-Gould Foundation President, Jennifer Barbaro, both sit on the board of The Clearwater Arts Alliance and are proud of both Junior Polo and to be a part of such a ground breaking project. Junior’s interview can be seen tomorrow, Wednesday December 9th on Fox 13 news in Tampa, or can be found online at