Exposed Elements Artist and Barbaro-Gould Foundation Member interviewed by Fox 13 for Conceptual Drawings of Space

Exposed Elements Artist and Barbaro-Gould Foundation Member, Don Gillespie, was interviewed today in The Barbaro-Gould Foundation Gallery by Bryan Gray of Tampa’s Fox 13 news for his Conceptual Drawings of Space. Don, a former conceptual artist for Honeywell created a concept painting, 23 years ago, of a new heavy lift launch vehicle to take us to Mars. Back then, it was just a nameless dream. After all this time, the test flight actually happened on December 4th, 2014!

Don says, “It’s great to see this stuff literally going from the drawing board to reality. I hope Orion’s test flight goes well. I remember when working on this, one of the big concerns with these large solid fuel boosters was, ‘Slumping.’ That is when the solid fuel material sags and blocks the thrust exiting the back of the rocket, resulting in a catastrophic failure. Space flight is a risky Biz, God Speed Orion!”

Please view Don’s interview in Tampa Bay on Fox 13 on this Thursday, December 11th, 2014 during the six o’clock news hour or view his story online at