Give Day Tampa Bay 2016 – TODAY ONLY!

Support BGF - Give Day Tampa Bay 2016It only comes once a year: #GiveDayTampaBay – Donate Today

In my best NPR radio voice,

Every day you appreciate and love the work that the Barbaro-Gould Foundation does, but we cannot do these things without the generous donations we receive from friends just like you.

So, make this the day you reach out and make that donation. Our goal today is $5000. Help us make and exceed that goal.

No donation is too large or too small. Be a part of what makes the Barbaro-Gould foundation so special. Not just another not-for-profit, but one founded and run by your friends and dedicated to making the world a more beautiful place inside and out.

Pull out that same credit card that you are going to use to buy *stuff* with today and use it to make a difference by supporting your friends and our vision at the Barbaro-Gould Foundation. Donate Now!

Todd out!

[mic drop]